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Tales Of Adventure

“What would you like to drink?” the waitress asked.

“Gin and tonic,” they said.

You know that moment when someone does something you can relate to and you get really, really excited?

Well, that was it. In fact, our entire evening spent with Gina and Travis was like that. What better company than two creative, ultra chill, down-to-earth people celebrating the happiest day of their lives?!

And you better believe that awe-inspiring originality continued into their wedding day! 🙂

Travis started the day at Hotel Ignacio, one of our favorite hotels to shoot in, while Gina’s prep happened at yet another one of our favorites, the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown St. Louis.

Their ceremony was held at the Fox Theatre, complete with an excellent choir and personal vows. If you’re ever in need of an awesome venue, check out Plush, where their reception was held.

Seriously, their day was FABULOUS. Check it their wedding film below!

We’re super pumped to kick off our season later this month! Can’t wait!


captured in frames – St. Louis Wedding Videography


Map It Out

When Jimmy and I first got engaged, we knew we wanted a small wedding. Many of our past couples have told us that if given the chance to do it all over again, they too would plan small weddings, so we took their advice and decided to have a destination! 🙂

We had heard of people having larger receptions a few weeks after their destination weddings so the people who could not attend would still get to join in the festivities. I loved this idea!…Except for one small detail. After the wedding the only thing we want to think about is the honeymoon, haha! So we planned a pre-wedding bash instead!

I can’t even describe to you how excited I am! What better way to celebrate with your closest friends and family than to host a lakeside BBQ on a beautiful summer day?! Or at least I hope it’s beautiful!!! All of you summer brides out there know what I’m talking about! 🙂

Anyways, as soon as we set the date, I got to work designing our invitations. We wanted our travel themed wedding ideas to be present at our big bash as well so I tried to come up with a design that represented our theme.



One super cool idea that I got from a few of our past couples was marriage advice cards. Your guests write down their most valued marriage advice so you can refer to it later or apply it to your marriage right from the start!
advice cards

advice cardbox


That’s it for this week!


captured in frames – St. Louis Wedding Videography