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Our Destination Wedding Photographers

Dear readers,

Yesterday we hit the one year out mark for our wedding! (Yay!) So today I thought I would share some big news with you all!

As I mentioned in our most recent post, last Saturday we had the pleasure of working with the wedding photographers that we have chosen for our own wedding. While on the trolley with the rest of the wedding party, one of the bridesmaids said, “I think their (Brittany and Kevin’s) pictures will turn out awesome!”

I overheard this and thought, “Yes, yes they will. Without a doubt their photos will be amazing!” 🙂

So I give to you the big news, the answer to one of the most asked questions we have received throughout our engagement. Jimmy and I have chosen Miller + Miller Wedding Photography to shoot our wedding!!!

Can't wait for our wedding!

Ahhh! We’re so excited!

We met Sarah and Ryan in Fall 2011 at our first ever Chicago wedding. They were fantastic to work with and we immediately loved their shooting style. After getting to know them, and realizing how awesome their personalities are in addition to their work, we added them to the list of possible photographers for our own wedding.

Soon after Jimmy proposed, we drove up to Chicago to film Teresa + Ryan’s wedding. Before arriving in Chicago, we stopped to visit Sarah and Ryan at their farm house outside of the city (They have the most awesome pet chickens I have ever seen! :)). Originally we hadn’t planned on asking them if they were available to shoot our wedding, we just wanted to hangout and catch up. However, that evening we found out that they also love traveling out west, and had even been to Lake Powell in southern Utah! Jimmy and I were so happy to hear that!

We had been over our list of photographers many times, trying to decide who would want to photograph our super remote destination wedding. After visiting Sarah and Ryan the choice was clear. We are inspired by their work, we love their personalities, and always look forward to shooting with them. Added bonus, they’ve been to Lake Powell and know the area. Bingo!

So half way through dinner we decided to ask them if they would be interested in traveling to Lake Powell to be a special part of our big day (This sounds like a proposal in itself haha!). Thankfully they said yes! After discussing available dates we narrowed down our options and decided October 2, 2014 would be best.

We are so thrilled, excited, over-joyed, and ecstatic to share with you all that Sarah and Ryan of Miller + Miller Wedding Photography will be shooting our wedding!!!! :))

Feel free to check them out! They are AMAZING!

Until next time & much love,


captured in frames – St. Louis Wedding Videography


The Windy City

Jimmy and I had a wonderful time this past weekend shooting our first downtown Chicago wedding!

We weren’t sure what to expect on Saturday since we had never met Brittany and Kevin before (They studied law at Tulane and currently live in New Orleans!) but they had a gorgeous wedding day! The weather was perfect and as the day went on, every location we shot at got better and better, making their Same Day Edit so fun to piece together!

Brittany and Kevin both got ready at Palmer House located downtown Chicago.

In love with this picture location!

In love with this picture location!

After getting ready, we left Palmer House and hopped onto the trolley with the wedding party. We then drove around to take offsite location pictures (and video in our case!). Chicago is such a beautiful city!

Such a beautiful venue!

Such a beautiful Chicago venue!

Their ceremony and reception were held at Pazzo’s @ 311. Saturday was the first time we had ever shot a wedding at Pazzo’s and we are absolutely in love with all of the natural light that this venue has to offer! The towering palm trees added a nice touch to Brittany and Kevin’s ceremony, and it almost felt as if we were down in New Orleans! 🙂

A glimpse of Brittany and Kevin's beautiful ceremony at Pazzo's!

A glimpse of Brittany and Kevin’s beautiful ceremony at Pazzo’s!

In an earlier post I shared my idea of using the seating cards that we receive at weddings as a part of our own wedding. Brittany saw that post and had seating cards made specifically for us to use! We thought that was awesome and we are so happy to include that little piece of their day in our own!

And if you haven’t seen their Same Day Edit yet, check it out!

Also, I wanted to mention that we had a wonderful day working with the photographers that we have chosen for our own wedding! 😉 I’ll talk more about them on Thursday, so check back in a couple of days!! (SOOOO EXCITED!!!!)


captured in frames – St. Louis Wedding Videography


A Little Weekend Trip

Jimmy first met Brea in December 2012 at Coolfire Originals (check out their awesome team here). A couple weeks later while Jimmy and I were filming in Florida Brea called us and said she was getting married at an equestrian farm in Kentucky. She had told us that they found the farm after a fun adventure on the Bourbon Trail. Awesome! Now there are two things we love about Kentucky, bourbon….and more bourbon, so we knew right off the bat that this was going to be a blast. 🙂

Off to their wedding! A while back we shared 10 wedding planning tips that we’ve learned as videographers in the wedding business. One of those tips was to think about having a smaller wedding. Brea and Ross did just that. For their weekend getaway, they rented out the Ashley Inn near Lancaster, Kentucky. We arrived for the festivities on Friday to scope out the scenery while Brea + Ross took their family and friends out for a day on the Bourbon Trail, with the Four Roses and Woodford Reserve distilleries located not too far away. Later that night we settled in for rehearsal and dinner. Jimmy and I were sitting around the patio table enjoying a glass of wine when we suddenly realizing that all the wedding guests were sitting there with us! Fifteen guests at a wedding! So cool!!

The next morning, the guys played a quick game of bags while the girls started setting up for the ceremony. Everything was very laid back. No rushing or timeline to stick to. Just enjoying the day and hanging out with friends. In fact, Brea and Ross were okay with seeing each other in the morning. Stress free!

The boys taking an easy morning with a game of bags.

We asked Brea and Ross what they do for fun as a couple. Their answer? They love to cook together! (Something Jimmy and I have tried and failed! ;))

Ross mixing up a recipe for Bourbon themed drinks. Yummy!

After decorating and taking an easy morning, everyone started to get dressed and clean up for the wedding. While Brea was doing her hair and makeup, the clouds rolled in and it started storming for a couple hours. Fortunately the sky opened up just long enough for them to have their first meeting! The reactions during this moment never get old!

Their first meeting, always love this moment!

Immediately following the first meeting, everyone gathered on the lawn for the ceremony. Though it had just rained, a quick wipe down of the chairs and all was good to go. Short and sweet complete with personal vows. (Always a plus for us videographers!)

Ross reading his vows to Brea!

After the ceremony, the group headed back inside for drinks and a delicious home-style meal in the dinning room. Although Brea and Ross didn’t have a DJ, their night was no less of a celebration. Dancing, drinks, and laughter as another storm rolled in.

Just enough time for the first meeting and ceremony before another storm rolled in.

Brea + Ross had such a beautiful day with their closest family and friends. It truly made for a warm and intimate celebration. Although we were ultimately there to film the wedding festivities, Brea + Ross and the whole group made us feel like life-long friends! Watch their wedding highlight below!



captured in frames – St. Louis Wedding Videography