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First of all… HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!
Second, we thought it would be fun to put together a little film recapping some of our favorite moments from our 2013 weddings to get you into the Valentine’s day spirit!

So without further ado, here are some of our “Re-Captured” moments that we absolutely LOVED!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our “Re-captured” moments of 2013!


captured in frames – St. Louis Wedding Videography


Finding The One

Hello again!

Another week, and another wedding! Today I wanted to share Jenna and Josh’s beautiful wedding story with you.

Last Saturday started at the Renaissance Hotel, where Jenna was getting ready for her and Josh’s big day. I had so much fun hanging out with everyone in the morning! Jenna was so sweet and welcoming and made me feel as if I were just another one of the girls! 🙂

Meanwhile, Jimmy headed over Josh’s parent’s house to capture the boys getting ready. He was rewarded with a birthday beer and had a wonderful time grilling out!

Both Jenna and Josh were so accommodating and wonderful to work with. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend our Saturday!

Josh hanging out with the boys, grilling before the ceremony. YUM!

Josh hanging out with the boys, grilling before the ceremony. YUM!

Jenna and Josh both wrote their cards in the morning and presented them to each other before the ceremony.

Love, love when couples write their cards in the morning!

Love, love when couples write their cards in the morning!

We love when couples write and exchange cards in the morning. It’s such a nice personal touch to add to their Same Day Edit!!

Jenna + Josh

My favorite moment of a wedding day is when the bride and groom first see each other! I can’t help but smile every time! 🙂

Jenna + Josh // Ceremony

Jenna + Josh // Married

Check out Jenna and Josh’s Same Day Edit for below!

We had so much fun with Jenna and Josh and I hope you all enjoy their Same Day Edit as much as we do!

Take care!


captured in frames – St. Louis Wedding Videography


Our Destination Wedding Photographers

Dear readers,

Yesterday we hit the one year out mark for our wedding! (Yay!) So today I thought I would share some big news with you all!

As I mentioned in our most recent post, last Saturday we had the pleasure of working with the wedding photographers that we have chosen for our own wedding. While on the trolley with the rest of the wedding party, one of the bridesmaids said, “I think their (Brittany and Kevin’s) pictures will turn out awesome!”

I overheard this and thought, “Yes, yes they will. Without a doubt their photos will be amazing!” 🙂

So I give to you the big news, the answer to one of the most asked questions we have received throughout our engagement. Jimmy and I have chosen Miller + Miller Wedding Photography to shoot our wedding!!!

Can't wait for our wedding!

Ahhh! We’re so excited!

We met Sarah and Ryan in Fall 2011 at our first ever Chicago wedding. They were fantastic to work with and we immediately loved their shooting style. After getting to know them, and realizing how awesome their personalities are in addition to their work, we added them to the list of possible photographers for our own wedding.

Soon after Jimmy proposed, we drove up to Chicago to film Teresa + Ryan’s wedding. Before arriving in Chicago, we stopped to visit Sarah and Ryan at their farm house outside of the city (They have the most awesome pet chickens I have ever seen! :)). Originally we hadn’t planned on asking them if they were available to shoot our wedding, we just wanted to hangout and catch up. However, that evening we found out that they also love traveling out west, and had even been to Lake Powell in southern Utah! Jimmy and I were so happy to hear that!

We had been over our list of photographers many times, trying to decide who would want to photograph our super remote destination wedding. After visiting Sarah and Ryan the choice was clear. We are inspired by their work, we love their personalities, and always look forward to shooting with them. Added bonus, they’ve been to Lake Powell and know the area. Bingo!

So half way through dinner we decided to ask them if they would be interested in traveling to Lake Powell to be a special part of our big day (This sounds like a proposal in itself haha!). Thankfully they said yes! After discussing available dates we narrowed down our options and decided October 2, 2014 would be best.

We are so thrilled, excited, over-joyed, and ecstatic to share with you all that Sarah and Ryan of Miller + Miller Wedding Photography will be shooting our wedding!!!! :))

Feel free to check them out! They are AMAZING!

Until next time & much love,


captured in frames – St. Louis Wedding Videography