Backyard Missouri Wedding // Tawny + Joe

Tawny and Joe wanted to keep things simple, yet personal, with a rustic backyard wedding near Tawny's family home. The location was the perfect spot for both the outdoor ceremony and tent reception, and both turned out BEAUTIFUL! But what else would you expect from the owner of Blush Boutique?!

Tawny and Joe met in school, but never thought about dating until a little later.

Tawny retold the story, "We grew up together in school, but never dated when we were young. One day it hit Joe and he asked my sister and our best friends to hook us up!"

And the rest is history! Should you want to know more, Joe touches on that story a bit in their wedding video. It's pretty darn cute! ;)

After some time, Joe decided to propose. You know those holiday cards that people like to send out around Christmas and New Years? Well that's how Tawny and Joe got engaged!

"I had set up a photo shoot at my families farm for us to make a Christmas card from. Joe used the opportunity to have the proposal photographed and also set up Go-Pros. We got a few pictures with our nephew Griffin, and Joe had put a note in Griffin's pocket for me to grab that said, 'Will you marry my uncle Joe?'"

Now off to wedding planning!

"We chose a field near my parents home for the ceremony & had a tent set up for the reception to be there as well. It fit both of our personalities to have the wedding somewhere personal to us and it made it so special!"

Tawny and Joe chose a rustic backyard wedding theme that fit both their location, and their personalities.

"We went with Rustic Glam. A few tree stumps, lots of sequins, classic tulle, & twinkle lights. Our colors were Emerald Green, Ivory, & Gold."

What was their favorite moments from their wedding day? We love asking our past couples this question because everyone has a different answer, and it's just another way to prove how unique and special weddings really are.

Joe recalled, "Watching Tawny and her dad walk down the aisle together."
While Tawny said, "My grandparents dancing the night away!"

Tawny advises newly engaged couples to, "Enjoy every moment of your big day, it goes by so quickly. And use Jimmy & Steph so you can go back and re-live it anytime you want! ;)"

Tawny and Joe's recommended vendors are:

BGI Photography
Captured in Frames

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