Chicago Loft Wedding // May + Kirby

If there is anything you need to know about May and Kirby, it's that they are genuinely kind, easy to love, and without a doubt, the most determined people. They managed to form a bond, one that is incredibly easy to see from the outside, despite the miles that separated them during their relationship. It's hard to imagine a happier couple! We're so excited to share their wedding video with all of you, but first, here's a little insight into their relationship:

May first met Kirby in the summer of 2010, "I traveled with my mom to Vancouver for the first time to visit my study abroad friends. During the week I spent in Vancouver, I met Kirby whom was best friends with my study abroad buddy, and we hit it off right away.

The first time Kirby and I hung out, we went hiking at Deep Cove in Vancouver, where we knew nothing about each other beforehand, but got acquainted quickly after talking for several hours at the top of the hike. The rest of the week, we hung out in large groups but always knew there was something different about each other. So on my last night in Vancouver, Kirby mustered up the courage to ask me to go to a 24-hour coffee shop, where we spent the entire night talking until the sun came up and I had to go to the airport.

For the months after, we kept in touch through 1) Gchat 2) thousands of emails 3) phone messaging 4) Skype (Thank you technology!) Then we began our Chicago/ Toronto long distance relationship when Kirby moved to Toronto a few months later."

After years of long distance, Kirby decided to take the leap and proposed to May in such and EPIC way!

"Every year since we have been together, we always go back to Vancouver a couple times a year to visit Kirby's family. Each time, I ask Kirby to take me on a different hike. In June 2014, four years after we first hung out at Deep Cove, we took the same hike again. Kirby proposed at the top of the hike where we first spent many hours getting to know each other. It was truly a special moment that reminded us of how far we have come and the full circle that has brought us back to that very spot."

Another thing to know about May and Kirby is that they are well traveled, and they enjoy personal, meaningful moments with the ones they hold closest. They planned their wedding accordingly, and made sure to include those personal details throughout the wedding day.

"For our wedding decor, it was all DIY. For the decorations, Kirby and I went to our local vintage market in Toronto every weekend for many months hunting for unique centerpieces, and vintage ceremony and reception decorations. We wanted the simple vintage decorations to compliment our industrial loft venue, as well as resemble our current living space. Since the vintage wedding decoration pieces we found were mainly bronze and gold, we decided to use the neutral/ bronze/ blush color scheme for our wedding, which were then reflected in the bridesmaid dresses and flowers. For flowers, we ordered them wholesale from Steve's Flower Market in Chicago, and some friends and family helped in assembling all the bouquets and centerpieces the night before the wedding."

With traveling guests in mind, May and Kirby chose to host their wedding in Chicago, IL.

"We decided to have our wedding in Chicago as my family is from Chicago, and all our friends from Canada have always wanted a reason to travel to Chicago. We quickly settled on the city because of all that it has to offer to international visitors, and the vast number of loft wedding spaces it has.

After doing some online searches from Toronto, we stumbled upon Ravenswood Event Center's website and images. We immediately fell in love with the Atrium and envisioned that as our ceremony space, and felt a sense of familiarity with the Loft space as it reminded us of our apartment. We trusted our instincts and visited the REC as our first and only venue option, and space was everything that we wanted for our destination wedding."

We of course have to ask our couples what their favorite moment from the wedding day was. It goes by in a flash, but everyone seems to have at least ONE moment that stands out, and will forever be a part of their memory. For May, one of her favorite moments from the wedding day was the ceremony.

"It literally felt like it was just Kirby and I in the room and no one else. I don't think I took my eyes off of him for a bit, and even with our 120+ guests in the room, it felt like one of the most intimate moments we've ever shared."

May's other favorite moment from the wedding day happened during dinner.

"When I first sat down at the head table. That was the first time I looked around the room and realized everyone is here. This is how I envisioned all of our friends and family would come together in this room. When we were planning our destination wedding, most of the work went into the dinner portion (vintage centerpieces, flowers, wedding decor, candles, seating chart, our thank you cards), so to see everything in one place and working out was amazing. Even though everyone was just seated at their tables, I somehow felt the most amount of love emanating from that room and it was overwhelming. That was when I really felt like this was a celebration."

Even as wedding videographers, we felt the love. There are no words to describe the awe we felt at being surrounded by so many people, from so many different corners of the planet, who had all come to celebrate with May and Kirby on their wedding day. Weddings truly are amazing at bringing people together!

We honored the tradition of asking May and Kirby for wedding advice, and they didn't hold back. Answers like theirs' is why we ask the question in the first place.

"Relax during your wedding day. As often as this is said, I can't emphasize how important that is. No matter how much planning has gone into your day, the most important part is to be able to relax and enjoy your day with family and friends.

Also, prioritize during wedding planning and be able to let go of some of the smaller/unnecessary details. Everyone who is planning a wedding knows about the laundry list of to-do's. It is important to know that it is ok to not tend to all the details. The important thing is that your friends and families are there to celebrate with you. The rest is just an added bonus!"

They even through in a little advice specifically for the destination wedding couples out there!

"Lastly, for couples who are looking to plan a destination wedding: Trust your instincts! We booked all of our vendors through online searches (videographer, venue and caterer), yelp reviews (hair and makeup, wholesale flowers), referrals (photographer). We went with our gut when we saw pictures of our venue, visited Captured in Frames' website, read reviews for our flower shop, etc. We understood the difficulties of planning a destination wedding from afar, and that's why instead of researching the infinite number of vendors out there, we knew where to draw the line and choose the ones that would make us happy."

And last but not least, we asked May and Kirby to share their vendor recommendations with us.

"Our venue, Ravenswood Event Center, was another great choice for the wedding. The venue fit our style perfectly and the space allowed us to capture the intimacy we wanted to feel with our friends and family the entire night. The venue's in-house catering was also a hit, and our guests from afar all raved about the delicious food all through the night."

"Captured in Frames was definitely our favorite vendor for our wedding! Jimmy and Steph were easy going and they allowed us to carry on with our day naturally as we normally would have. They truly captured our day and our emotions perfectly, and have created a beautiful story with their film. We got the package with both the highlight film and longer feature film, and both of them have far exceeded our expectations. Jimmy and Steph even delivered our highlight film within a week after the wedding (unheard of!), and have only produced the most beautiful memories we will cherish forever."

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