Intimate Kentucky Wedding // Brea + Ross

After a trip down the Bourbon Trail, Brea and Ross decided to have a destination wedding in Kentucky. The wedding events took place at a picturesque B&B, The Ashley Inn, located south of Lexington, KY.

Here at Captured in Frames, we love to get the deets on how our couples first met. Brea and Ross have a story that is both unique and funny, and will no doubt bring some laughs when they retell it to family and friends years down the road!

Brea said, "Ross and I met while I was working at a men's clothing store. He was new to the area (originally from Chicago) and was having a hard time making friends. I knew this was a guy that I wanted to be “friends” with, so after he purchased his clothes I asked for his email address to stay in touch with ongoing events at the store and used it to pursue him instead. Oops!"

That's not the only phenomenal story that they'll be sharing for years to come. Their engagement story is also one for the books!

"After an amazing dinner, night at the four seasons, and a day being pampered at the four season spa, and yet another amazing dinner (all under the guise of my birthday) Ross and I went home to a completely pitch black house. It was December and there were suppose to be lights on the house, I was confused. Ross told me the electric must be out and the garage wasn’t working so we would have to go around back. Our back yard was over 1/2 an acre so pretty large and when we rounded the corner the whole back yard was covered in lights and winding through was a luminary path that lead to a decorated Christmas tree. We walked the path and once we got to the Christmas tree there was only 1 ornament. My ring!! Ross proposed, I said yes, and our families came flying out of the completely dark house. They watched the whole thing and had traveled all the way from Arizona to be part of the occasion. Plenty of Champagne was had that night!"

When it came to wedding planning, Brea and Ross decided on a destination wedding location that was special to them.

"Ross and I did the Bourbon Trail a few years before our wedding."

They wanted to return to that special place, and bring their closest family and friends along to join in the celebration.

"We knew guests would need to travel a bit. We wanted everyone to be able to stay at the same place that all the activities were taking place at (b/c of all the Bourbon!) so we found an old Antebellum Mansion in Kentucky built in 1840 that provided enough space for all 18 guests. It was perfect!"

When it came to decor and pre-wedding activities, Brea and Ross stuck with the natural theme of Kentucky.

"We wanted something small, a little rustic, and southern that incorporated Kentucky and the bourbon history they have. We had bourbon specialty cocktails and toured distilleries with our families before rehearsal dinner."

And that is exactly what their wedding day was like; loads of smiles, all of their closest family & friends, and bourbon of course!

Brea said, "I don’t think we could pick one favorite moment. We only had our families there and a few friends so we were surrounded by the people we love most in the world. There were no hoops to jump through or time schedules to stick too (which helped when massive thunder storms rolled through, and we were able to push the ceremony back until they were gone.)"

Brea and Ross were gracious enough to share some wedding advice with us, and with couples new to wedding planning.

"Not everything has to be a fortune or what you have been taught a wedding “should” be. Do what YOU want! It’s your day. I know having a videographer can be expensive when coupled with a photographer but it’s the best money we spent in regards to our wedding. If, God forbid, one day one of us has Alzheimer's or memory loss we can look back at these videos and be right back in the day: The feel, the music, the love, and the emotion. You can’t get that with stills."

They also added, "We did a lot of the decor ourselves. An insider tip: Whole Foods sells flowers wholesale for VERY reasonable! Also, Ross and I watch our wedding video, short and long version, almost once a month. The memories we have are priceless; I keep the back up files in a safe deposit box! Pictures are wonderful, but they don’t capture the words in your vows, or the music, or crickets chirping and horses naying that we might forget when we are 80 years old."

We hope you enjoy their intimate Kentucky destination wedding!

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