Let us tell your story.

Let us tell your story.

Captured In Frames is a small band of passionate film makers. We’ve grown to love wedding videography, destinations far and wide. Our team of creatives is dedicated to crafting the best documentary wedding video for you.
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When it comes to films, we like to dig deep. For us the story is paramount, the most important element. It’s what separates you from the crowd. It’s what makes you unique and special. This is your story. Let us tell it.
“We love storytelling, especially through film. It was always in our nature to capture our tales and share them with others. Today we roam the countryside looking for our next adventure.”

Your Team

Our studio was formed from the love of two things; a passion for documentary film-making and the inspiration that is a love story. We’re not talking about rom-coms here. We’re talking about the real, gritty, heart-felt story that is the base of every relationship. Today, those two ideas drive us forward as we visualize and document how two people come together in life.


creative director & film maker


studio manager & film maker

For Jimmy and Steph, video dates way back to middle school. As a kid, Jimmy and his friends covered and filmed Nirvana songs in the basement. Steph documented family vacations across the country. It wasn’t until college that their paths merged and they found a shared vision of what a wedding video should be. An exciting, natural, and emotional journey of two people who found love and took a leap, just like Jimmy and Steph!

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These are not your average wedding films. We found that our best work comes from couples that we connect with the most. We like being spontaneous and living in the moment. We’re human and you are too, so let’s skip all the red tape and start sharing our stories together!

Your wedding video is forever.

A wedding day will pass by in a blur. As wedding videographers, we’ve found the perfect formula for filming that allows us to document the most important moments in their entirety while still allowing time for the more creative, story-telling elements to be showcased in your wedding video. This method creates a fun and engaging wedding video that’s not too long or too short. You’ll be able to relive the day over and over again!

We’re more than just your standard wedding videographer.

We want to create the best wedding film for you. No two weddings are the same, therefore, no two wedding films should be the same. You are our drive and motivation. Your unique personality is the inspiration behind our films. You are the story.

For more information about our filming process, check out our FAQ.

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